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Heal-thy-gut Smoothie

Smoothies are a wonderful way to boost your intake of healing foods and pack in several powders and potions which you would struggle to consume otherwise. The below recipe is the perfect example of a therapeutic strength smoothie with superior gut healing and anti-inflammatory actions which surprisingly tastes tropical and fresh. Give it a go even if you do not … Continue reading Heal-thy-gut Smoothie

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Discovering the Magic of Kefir

Discovering the Magic of Kefir Kefir has been around for centuries. Interestingly it was discovered in the Caucasus mountains when shepherds discovered that fresh milk carried in leather pouches would ferment into a delicious effervescent beverage. This bubbly drink was coined “keif” which meaning “good feeling” – associated with the uplifting feeling one experiences after … Continue reading Discovering the Magic of Kefir

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Making Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut will populate your intestinal tract with wonderful probiotics. The beauty of fermented foods such as sauerkraut is that they are incredibly effective at increasing your overall nutrition, promoting the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria, and aiding digestion and supporting immune function, including an increase in B vitamins (even Vitamin B12), omega-3 fatty acids, digestive … Continue reading Making Sauerkraut

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Get Belly Blissed Using Fermented Foods