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How Do I Know If I Have GAPS or Gut Dysbiosis

The Gut and Psychology Syndrome and Gut and Physiology Syndrome (“GAPS”) are conditions of abnormal gut flora which create a damaged gut lining. GAPS is another term to describe a “leaky  gut” or “intestinal dysbiosis”. Many of these words get thrown about in the natural health community, however the symptoms of these various termed conditions … Continue reading How Do I Know If I Have GAPS or Gut Dysbiosis

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Bye Bye Bloat

With warmer weather upon us we often become more conscious of our belly weight dragging down the “spring” in our step. But this need not be so. With a few tried and tested practices, you can say goodbye to the bloat and welcome the summer with your abdominals ironed down and ready for the sunshine. … Continue reading Bye Bye Bloat

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Get Belly Blissed Using Fermented Foods