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Liver Loving Foods

Are you feeling sluggish, bloated, foggy-headed, tired, irritable or experiencing skin eruptions, high cholesterol levels, difficulty with digestion or unbearable premenstrual syndrome? These are all signs that your liver may be a little overworked and overloaded. Given the liver’s instrumental role in producing bile for digesting food, clearing and activating hormones, storing glucose for energy, … Continue reading Liver Loving Foods

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Good Mood Food

We can all relate to that feeling of dreaded lethargy that can engulf us after a greasy lunch or the morning after a few too many cocktails. “Food coma”, “hangry” and “sugar high” are just some of the descriptive words we throw around to describe the effect that food (or lack of it) may have … Continue reading Good Mood Food

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Get Belly Blissed Using Fermented Foods