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Do you feel confused by the number of detox programs on the market but convinced that your liver is crying out for some tender loving care?

I have simplified the process of detoxing. You are able to choose from an Express Detox (two weeks) or a Comprehensive Detox Program (six weeks) program focused on vegan living foods.

The living food detox programs I offer incorporate the following elements:

  • Differ to harsh unsustainable and bowel stripping detox programs;
  • Incorporate a high percentage of raw and wholesome foods which are ideal for detoxification;
  • Focus on cleansing the bowel, healing the gut lining, alkalinising the kidneys and liver, healing and regenerating the liver;
  • Provide supplements to assist the digestive system, kidneys and liver in cleansing, healing and regenerating;
  • Include an extensive recipe booklet with recipes for detoxifying;
  • Provide you with a full menu plan to ensure you are not left wondering what to eat;
  • Can be undertaken with minimal disturbance to your every day life; and
  • Provide the option of a three day green smoothie or juice fast.

If you would like to take a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to detoxing, be sure to check out the Detoxification part of my website for tips and information on a “detox kit” with all the herbal and nutritional supplementation you need to get you started on your living food cleanse.

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