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Skin Tonic for Healthy Dewy Glowing Skin

This juice is the perfect spring skin drink. It contains beautiful skin-loving fruits and veggies. Cucumber is hydrating and is rich in silica which promotes collagen production. Mango, is not only fresh and delicious but also contains beta carotene which helps to protect the sun from skin damage. The leafy green, purslane which is in this drink is a powerful anti-inflammatory being high in Omega-3s which promote younger-looking and glowing skin.

Lemon and coriander are also wonderful for the liver – coriander helps to chelate heavy metals from the body and lemon stimulate the liver to produce enzymes required for the body to digest and detox efficiently.



1 cucumber

½ lemon, peeled

1 cup purslane

½ mango, peeled and pit removed

Handful of cilantro

Handful of mint



Put all ingredients through a juicer. Alternate between the cucumber, mango, purslane and coriander to help move everything through smoothly.

You can also have this drink as a smoothie – just blend up all the ingredients with 1 cup of water.




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