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Gut Healing, Intestinal Dysbiosis and Food Intolerances

Gut Healing, Intestinal Dysbiosis and Food Intolerances

Are you suffering from digestive problems, “irritable bowel syndrome”, food allergies, bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation. There is no need to continue living with the pain!

My approach to addressing an unhappy bowel is individualised and is based on the Gut and Psychology / Physiology Syndrome (GAPS). The GAPs treatment approach works to restore a weakened digestive system, heal the gut lining and restore the bowel with a balance of beneficial bacteria. In general, I will restore your belly health by:

  • Removing allergenic foods to provide the gut with an environment to rest;
  • Removing bad bacteria and waste from the digestive system;
  • Renewing your digestive lining;
  • Re-inoculating the bowel with healthy bacteria to improve your digestive function; and
  • Re-introducing foods once the digestive lining has been “healed and sealed”.

Get Belly Blissed Using Fermented Foods