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Fermented Veggie Mastery 2: Tools of the Trade


Now that you know all about why it is essential to start incorporating fermented veggies into your diet, I will explain how you can get started with minimal effort. There is no need for elaborate jars, lids and equipment. It is as simple as getting yourself equipped with a few simple items:



Chopping Equipment:

A good quality knife or food processor for slicing your cabbage is essential. If you like a finer sauerkraut you can use a food processor. If you like it somewhat more chunky you can slice it yourself with a good knife and cutting board. You can even use a grater to slice the cabbage or a mandolin if you have one at hand. If not, there is nothing wrong with simply using a knife and chopping board. No need to go too fancy with this!


Glass Jars:

My favourite and most effective container for fermenting is a wide-mouthed glass jar. You should have one of these lying around from grocery products you have used. If not, you can buy one quite cheaply at your local supermarket. Glass jars are the best here as they do not contain chemicals such as BPAs. You can choose to use jars which have lids with airlocks however this is not necessary and I have created some of the most amazing fermented veggies in recycled glass jars.


Submerging Tool:

Keeping fermented vegetables submerged is the most important step when fermenting vegetables (we will explain this in detail in our coming emails). It will need to fit into the mouth of the glass jar you have chosen. Objects such as ceramic fermentation weights, glass jars, small ceramic plates can be easily used. If you are finding this tough to find, do not despair, you can always use a cabbage leaf and pop on top a clean rock or even a bag of water to act as a weight.


A Cabbage Crusher:

this is just a pounding tool that is handy for bashing your cabbage to release juices (and any underlying tension). It can also be used to crush other vegetables to release their juices. If you are not able to find one do not despair, you can also use any wooden utensil such as a thick rolling pin or even the end of a wooden spoon.


You are almost ready to start your first jar of fermented sauerkraut! Check your inbox for the most simple recipe to get you started your fermented bliss journey.

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