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I use a number of tests which are verified by scientific research to provide you with a more accurate picture of your health and to monitor the effectiveness of our treatment protocol. Should any of these tests suggest the presence of a medical condition, I will always advise you to seek conventional medical advice.


Heavy Metal Testing

This is a simple in clinic urine test which detects the presence of heavy metals in the body. Heavy metal toxicities can also lead to numerous health conditions including those affecting the cardiovascular, endocrine, immune, muscle, skeletal, skin and nervous systems. Urine metal and mineral analysis measures nutrient and toxic metal content.

Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair metal and mineral analysis measures nutrient and toxic metal content of hair. As the constituents of the hair are determined by the entry of substances from external sources and from substances that enter it from the blood stream, hair makes an ideal medium for analysis. Since the structure of hair remains unchanged, the minerals are fixed in the hair and levels in hair do not significantly change once that portion of hair has grown. The analysis accurately provides concentrations of minerals that have accumulated in the hair tissue over the hair growth period, approximately one to three months.

 Urinary Indican Testing

The urinary indicant test tests for changes in intestinal permeability. Changes in intestinal permeability are associated with many health conditions including autism, autoimmune disorders, food sensitivities and inflammatory bowel disease. This ‘leaky gut’ causes disease because the perturbed intestinal barrier allows toxic molecules to enter the bloodstream and poison the body.  Intestinal permeability can be measured using the lactulose/mannitol test.

Adrenal Hormone Profile Testing

Adrenocortex hormone profile testing is a non-invasive saliva test that serves as a reliable marker of stress response and a critical tool for revealing adrenal imbalances. Lifestyle, physical and psychological stresses put constant demands on the adrenal glands. If they become depleted adrenal fatigue or insufficiency may be experienced. This test allows for the testing of DHEAs, Testosterone, Cortisol, Oestradiol and Secretory IgA.

Organic Acid Mineral Test

Organic acid profiling is a simple method of analysing the efficiency of metabolic processes. Urinary organic acids are derived from the metabolic conversion of dietary proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in addition to bacterial origin in the gut. These markers provide a unique profile into cellular energy status, neurotransmitter metabolism, nutrient deficiencies and intestinal bacterial metabolism.

Pyrroluria or Mauve Factor

The Mauve Factor test (also known as Pyrroluria) is a urinary test which analyses the level of HPL, a neurotoxic substance found in high levels where anxiety, schizophrenia, autism, ADHD, alcoholism, violent offenders and other mental health disorders are present. High levels of the Mauve Factor are associated with vitamin B6 and zinc deficiencies, and treatment with these nutrients and the critical healing of the gut lining results in symptom resolution, as well as lowered levels of the urinary mauve factor.

Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis

The Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA) is an advanced non-invasive diagnostic tool for assessing gastrointestinal function. The CDSA combines a large number of tests that evaluate the function of the gastrointestinal tract and thus can be used to gain a comprehensive picture of gut health. The analysis investigates digestion, metabolism, pancreatic function, the balance of beneficial bacteria, the presence of pathological bacteria, yeast and parasites. This provides a sound basis for nutritional and probiotic supplementation.

Candida Albicans Testing

This simple saliva test detects antibodies to the presence of candida albicans. A systemic candida infection may cause a diverse set of symptoms.  Symptoms may include poor concentration, premenstrual syndrome, fatigue, food sensitivities, irritable bowel, cystitis and, muscles and joint aches. Although yeast is found in everyone’s gastrointestinal tract, problems arise when the ratio of friendly bacteria to harmful microorganism is disturbed. This balance is upset by a modern lifestyle, including antibiotic and oral contraceptive use, stress and diets high in carbohydrates and sugar.

IgG Food Intolerance Testing

This involves a simple finger prick blood test to determine antibodies to a wide range of foods including cereals, nuts, fish, vegetables, fruits, egg, dairy, tea, and yeast.  This test takes about 40 minutes and can be done while you wait.  This test works on the same principle as the ELISA blood test done in pathology labs.

ALISA Food Intolerance Testing

Intolerance to foods, food additives, food chemical, environmental chemicals, herbs/dietary supplements and moulds can cause a wide range of symptoms and disorders. The ALCAT® diagnostic system detects changes in the size and number of leucocytes (i.e. immune cells) in response to exposure to the offending foods, chemicals, additives, herbs and moulds.

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