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Fermented Veggie Mastery 4: Ready, Set, Taste


Congratulations on your first batch of fermented sauerkraut. You should be proud of yourself!

Now we are all set for tasting time. When you first dig into your sauerkraut it may taste very different to anything you have ever tasted, and that is okay and actually very normal.
Prepare for something quite tangy, crunchy and a little salty. As you incorporate these foods more and more into your diet you will start to crave the tart flavour that they add to your palate.

When it comes to first incorporating fermented vegetables into your diet I recommend starting slowly as they can create a die off reaction in your bowel given they are so full of good probiotics.

I would start with a teaspoon and work your way up by a teaspoon every three days until you are having a couple of tablespoons daily.

Now it is time to show off your hard work. I would love for you to share your results with a sauerkraut picture on my facebook page and perhaps a comment on your experience.
Thank you for sharing your first fermented veggie journey with me. Keep in touch as I have plans to share with you exciting mastery courses on other fermented foods in the near future.
Anna Mitsios

Get Belly Blissed Using Fermented Foods